UPC Equation #5

Okay awesome. Thanks so much for the help guys. I went with some hidde
cells to insert the extra parts of the formula. Now, is there a way t
make it apply to each and every field in Column A? and Column B?


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10/29/2004 5:52:21 PM
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You didn't mention exactly which formulas you went with, but just click on
the fill handle, and drag down to copy as far as needed.

If you have a very large column of data (UPC codes), you could easily have
XL automatically copy the formula for you.

If you *double click* the fill handle on the cell containing the formula, it
will *automatically * be copied down the column, as far as there is any data
in the adjoining column, left *or* right.
If it happens to be between 2 columns of pre-existing data, the length of
the column on the left takes precedence.


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Okay awesome. Thanks so much for the help guys. I went with some hidden
cells to insert the extra parts of the formula. Now, is there a way to
make it apply to each and every field in Column A? and Column B?


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