Summary Table's in Reports

Hi Guys,

Fingers crossed you can help me out with this...

I have a table in a database (tbl_events), which includes thre
important fields;

EventType (Text - Lookup)
EventDate (ShortDate)
EcentLocation (Text - Lookup)

Now, i need the contents of this table summarised, so, for example..
lets say the table contains the following data..

  Type     Date           Location
  A        01/01/06       Office1
  B        01/02/06       Office1
  A        01/02/06       Office1
  A        01/02/06       Office1
  B        01/01/06       Office2
  B        01/02/06       Office2
  A        01/02/06       Office2
  A        01/02/06       Office2
  A        01/02/06       Office

Now, what I need is a report that shows a result similar to th

  Location = Office 1
  January        February
  A             1                2
  B             0                1
  Location = Office 2
  January        February
  A             0                3
  B             1                1

Is this at all possable?

Any help appreciated

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2/13/2006 4:32:48 PM
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Assume your table is on Sheet1 occupying cells A1 to C10, i.e. you have
headers in row 1 - highlight A1 to C10 then Insert | Name | Create and
untick the "Left Column" box and OK. This creates the named ranges
Type, Date and Location.

Insert a new sheet and enter the following:

A2:    Location:
B2:    Office1
A3:    Month:
B3:    January
C3:    February
D3:    March           and so on up to
M3:    December
A4:     A
A5:     B
Highlight A2:M5 and copy to A7. Enter:
B7:     Office2

In B4 enter this formula:


Do not press <enter> when you have typed it in, do <CTRL><SHIFT><enter>
at the same time, as this is an array formula. If you do it correctly
then Excel will wrap curly braces { } around the formula - do not type
these yourself.

Select B4 and <copy> then highlight C4 to M4 and press <enter>. Then
highlight B4:M4 and copy these cells to B5, B9 and B10. This should
give you what you want.

Of course, there are only 9 lines of data in your table, and in reality
there will be far more - ensure that the named ranges are adjusted to
cover the whole of your data.

Hope this helps.


pashurst (2576)
2/13/2006 8:55:34 PM
Slight amendment.

When you copy the formula to B9 you will have to edit it to point to
B7, i.e. change the $B$2 in the middle to $B$7 and do
<CTRL><SHIFT><enter> again. Then copy across and down as before.


pashurst (2576)
2/13/2006 9:00:32 PM

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