Standard Deviation help

Ok, I have column with numbers to equal my X axis then I have 4
different columns with the data for the Y axis.  I need to find the
standard deviation of the 1st two columns and the standard deviation of
the 2nd two columns.  Then i need to graph it so only two lines show up.
and then i need to put on error bars.  how would i do this?  any help
would be much appriciated.

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10/30/2005 9:20:45 PM
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Let's say
*  column A has your X axis information
*  Column B and C are what you are calling your "1st two columns"
*  Column D and E are your "2nd 2 columns".

.... as I write this, I'm not certain if you want the StDev of data by row or 
overall so I may not be able to give the best example.

To get the standard deviation of a series of data, use the formula =STDEV()

Again, I'm not sure what you want to show for your X and Y values since you 
say you only want to have two lines showing up.

Once you have your error bar information, read this to get more information 
on how to plot them.

I'm sorry I couldn't be more help.   Your question is not completely clear.

"paddyb270" <> wrote 
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> Ok, I have column with numbers to equal my X axis then I have 4
> different columns with the data for the Y axis.  I need to find the
> standard deviation of the 1st two columns and the standard deviation of
> the 2nd two columns.  Then i need to graph it so only two lines show up.
> and then i need to put on error bars.  how would i do this?  any help
> would be much appriciated.
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> paddyb270
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