Shared workbook error


Maybe someone could help me out,

I recently made the regularly used excel spreadsheets on out office
network shared workbooks. It worked fine for about a day or so but
soon started stuffing up. We started having the problem where after
opening and working in it for sometime (sometimes not even long) it
would start acting like a read only file and not allow it to be saved.
After closing the file it would only allow the user too open as a read
only, until you rebooted. after which it would start working fine
again for a short time before doing the same thing once again.

This was happening too all user and with all shared workbooks. We
decided too unshare. but after continued too have number of small
issues with mail merging (random Errors and freezing) and one case of
a page of a workbook disappearing. I fixed these by re-entering all
the data into new workbooks (not a small task). but am still unable
too share the work books.

Does anyone have any advice or any idea why this could be happening?

Thanks all

Reece Gratton
Information Systems Assistant - Systems Research and Development
IFAP North Lake
08 9310 3670

4/17/2007 7:00:51 AM
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Ohh, and we are using 2003 (11.6560.6568)


Reece Gratton
Information Systems Assistant - Systems Research and Development
IFAP North Lake
08 9310 3670

4/17/2007 7:04:40 AM

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