Security fonctionnality compatibility between Excel 2002 and 97

Hi folks!

Let's say I work in Excel 2002 and I protect my workbook using the "Protect
and Share Workbook..." functionnality (or any other). Will my workbook be
protected if I open it in Excel 97?

TIA! :O)

Best Regards
Yanick Lefebvre

4/8/2004 6:00:22 PM
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Zoury wrote:
> Hi folks!
> Let's say I work in Excel 2002 and I protect my workbook using the "Protect
> and Share Workbook..." functionnality (or any other). Will my workbook be
> protected if I open it in Excel 97?
> TIA! :O)
4/8/2004 6:32:25 PM

4/8/2004 6:38:53 PM
This may not apply in your situation but the only problem I had in this
regard was protecting VBA projects.
I protected an xl2k project and attempted to edit it in xl97.  It
wouldn't allow me to open the project or even allow me to enter a
Evidently it is because of the encryption methods used (xl2k being more
"robust" than '97).

Again, this only applied to VBA projects but I thought it may be of
"Zoury" <> wrote in message
> Hi folks!
> Let's say I work in Excel 2002 and I protect my workbook using the
> and Share Workbook..." functionnality (or any other). Will my workbook
> protected if I open it in Excel 97?
> TIA! :O)
> -- 
> Best Regards
> Yanick Lefebvre

NotLikely (282)
4/9/2004 1:36:22 PM

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