Rows and Columns Settings Problem

How do you set rows and columns in a way that when you scrol
down/column you can always see a certain row(s)/column(s)

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8/2/2004 1:44:05 PM
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> How do you set rows and columns in a way that when you scroll
> down/column you can always see a certain row(s)/column(s).
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unlike Word, PPT does not appear to let the user define a default language that is used throughout a complete ppt document. PPT picks up the language from your keyboard. You can specify the language on your placeholders. Go to View | Slide Master, select the various placeholders, then choose the language for them on the Review tab. You can use the code at;en-us;245468 to change the language throughout the presentation. -- Echo [MS PPT MVP] What's new in PPT 2007?

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based on 100% view, when u set the column width to say 12 units and the row height to, for example, 15... what is the actual dimensions in reality in mm. ie, how can i get the required number to ensure that row and colms are exactly 2 mm in width and height pat Column width and row heights defaults are not in inches or mm. The number that appears in the Standard column width box is the average number of digits 0-9 of the standard font that fit in a cell. Row heights are measured in points or pixels. There are 72 points to an inch and "maybe" 96 pixels to the inch. For ...

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I'm using Excel 2000 and XP Pro. I'm formatting a text page whereby users can input text into a column and I want the text to wrap so that whatever the length of their text we see it all. On a default page it works fine. However I tinkered with the row height for font purposes and now the text will wrap but the row won't expand to fit the whole text. How do I reset the row/sheet or whatever to get the display I want? Thanks -- Stilson Snow There is a limit to how much text will display within a cell and how much text displays in the formula bar. Goto excel help and enter...

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