Refresh ListBox while running code

Greetings all.

windows xp.

Is there a way to show and refresh a listbox while the code is running
that updates it? I have a search form that allows a user to enter a
part number or part description and search for first match or all

if the user selects the part description and chooses to search for all
matches, I would like for the listbox to appear on the form and update
as the records appear in the temp table. I would then like to add a
command that would allow the user to stop the search if they see what
they need appear in the listbox.

Any help would be appreciated.


My code:

Private Sub cmdSearch2_Click()
'On Error GoTo errClear

Dim i As String

i = frmPartsList.txtSearchCriteria.Text

frmPartsList.lblGetHCode.Visible = False
frmPartsList.lblHCode.Visible = False
frmPartsList.lblHCode2.Visible = False
frmPartsList.lblPart.Visible = False
frmPartsList.lblPartNum.Visible = False
frmPartsList.lblPartNum2.Visible = False
frmPartsList.lstParts.Visible = False

'Clears previous temp table
    Select Case cmbSearchBy
        Case Is = "Product Description" 'If searching by desription
            LastRow = Cells(Rows.Count, "gm").End(xlUp).Row
            With Worksheets("Data").Range("gm6:gm" & LastRow) 'with
descrip column
                Set C = .Find(What:=i, LookIn:=xlValues,
lookat:=xlPart) 'find search text
                If Not C Is Nothing Then
                firstAddress = C.Address
                    Do 'Keep looking until found all
                        ' Update my temp table with results
                        Set myRow =
                        frmPartsList.Caption = "Searching... " &
(myRow.Row - 4) & " matches found so far..."
                        myRow.Offset(1, 0).Value =
Range(C.Address).Offset(0, -2).Text
                        myRow.Offset(1, 1).Value =
Range(C.Address).Offset(0, -1).Text
                        myRow.Offset(1, 2).Value =
                        Set C = .FindNext(C)
                    Loop While Not C Is Nothing And C.Address <>
                End If
            End With
        Case "Part Number" 'same as code above except looking at number
            LastRow = Cells(Rows.Count, "gm").End(xlUp).Row
            With Worksheets("Data").Range("gm6:gm" & LastRow) 'with
descrip column
                Set C = .Find(What:=i, LookIn:=xlValues,
                If Not C Is Nothing Then
                firstAddress = C.Address
                   frmPartsList.Caption = "Searching... " & (myRow.Row
- 4) & " matches found so far..."
                        Set myRow =
                        myRow.Offset(1, 2).Value =
Range(C.Address).Offset(0, 2).Text
                        myRow.Offset(1, 1).Value =
Range(C.Address).Offset(0, 1).Text
                        myRow.Offset(1, 0).Value =
                        Set C = .FindNext(C)
                    Loop While Not C Is Nothing And C.Address <>
                End If
            End With
    End Select
    If C Is Nothing Then MsgBox Prompt:="There are no parts listed" & _
                        " that match your search.", Buttons:=vbOKOnly

    If Not C Is Nothing Then frmPartsList.lstParts.Visible = True
    If Not C Is Nothing Then frmPartsList.lblPartNum.Visible = True
    If Not C Is Nothing Then frmPartsList.lblPartNum2.Visible = True
    If Not C Is Nothing Then frmPartsList.lblHCode.Visible = True
    If Not C Is Nothing Then frmPartsList.lblHCode2.Visible = True
    If Not C Is Nothing Then frmPartsList.lblPart.Visible = True

    LastRow2 = Cells(Rows.Count, "go").End(xlUp).Row
    frmPartsList.lstParts.RowSource = Sheets("Data").Range("go6:gq" &
    frmPartsList.Caption = "Parts List Search"

Exit Sub

    frmPartsList.Caption = "Parts List Search"
End Sub

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