Re: Saving CSV in Unicode?

 I'm using Excel to write a CSV in UNICODE. If I simple save this file then
 all the unicode text is converted to ASCII '???' things. So I specify the
 file name like "test.csv" and specify "UNICODE Text" in FileType.

 Now when I open the file in Notepad, I find no comma but TABS as separator.
 If I open the file in Excel, it prompts me to select delimiter with which
 the file was saved. If I select anything except "Tab" then all the data is
 shown in single column that I've to break using "Text to Column" Feature.
 And you know my client won't like this way of writing, saving and opening
 CSV files.

 Is there a way to directly save CSV files in Unicode through Excel?
 Is there some way to specify "Delimiter" (except than TAB) while saving CSV
 in Unicode? (I don't find to set Default Delimiter)


 Asim Hussnain
 IPA (pvt) Ltd.

9/24/2003 5:19:25 AM
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