Re - Excel Help delineating Absolute and Relative Hyperlinks

Re - Excel Help delineating Absolute and Relative Hyperlinks

1.	Please refer to the following Excel Help File : Absolute and
Relative Hyperlinks ; it's accessible by Searching (with keyword
"Hyperlink") via the Office Assistant, and selecting the title, "About


An absolute URL contains a full address, including the protocol, the
Web server, and the path and file name.

A relative URL has one or more missing parts. The missing information
is taken from the page that contains the URL. For example, if the
protocol and Web server are missing, the Web browser uses the protocol
and domain, such as .com, .org, or .edu, of the current page.

It is common for pages in a Web to use relative URLs containing only a
partial path and file name. If the files are moved to another server,
any hyperlinks will continue to work as long as the relative positions
of the pages remain unchanged. For example, a hyperlink on
Products.htm points to a page named apple.htm in a folder named Food;
if both pages are moved to a folder named Food on a different server,
the URL in the hyperlink will still be correct.

In a Microsoft Excel workbook, unspecified paths to hyperlink
destination files are by default relative to the location of the
active workbook. You can set a different base address to use by
default so that each time you create a hyperlink to a file in that
location, you'll only have to specify the file name, not the path, in
the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.


2.	Connect one workbook to another via a Hyperlink effected by using
Insert Hyperlink dialog box. After that, revise the name of the
Destination workbook ; and therefore, the Hyperlink from the Source
workbook to the Destination workbook is crashed.

3.	How could the Hyperlink be preserved despite the re-naming of the
Destination workbook ?

4.	Please offer an interpretation of the last paragraph (of the
extracted Help File) as given above.

5.	Please provide ample examples to demonstrate the means of
setting-a-different-base-address �� in the Insert Hyperlink Dialog

6.	Regards.
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5/8/2004 9:21:37 AM
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