question on re-formatting a report

How can I get a report that's copied to Excel in this format
(originally an .rtf file):

                Division A
                123          $100
                567          $345

                Division A
                456           $50
                877           $2000

to look like this:

               Division A   Accounting   123    $100
               Division A   Accounting   567    $345
               Division A   Marketing     456    $50
               Division A   Marketing     877    $2000

It's a massive report that can go up to 200 pages.  Any assistance is
greatly greatly appreciated.

pi567 (4)
5/20/2009 4:52:28 PM
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Try this:

- Copy the Data to columns D and E of a new sheet.
- Copy column D to columns B and C as well
- Select Cols A and B, press: [ctrl + \] [ctrl+click cell A1] [ctrl + D]
- Select Cols B and C, press: [ctrl + \] [ctrl+click cell A1] [ctrl + D]
- Select Col E, press F5>Special>Blanks. Edit>Delete>Entire Row

The VBA equivalent, with data in Sheet1!A:B of a new workbook, is:

Sub Reformat()
    Selection.Copy Sheets("Sheet2").Range("D1")
    Columns("D:D").Copy Columns("B:C")
    Union(Columns("A:B").RowDifferences(Range("A1")), Range("A1")).FillDown
    Union(Columns("B:C").RowDifferences(Range("B1")), Range("A1")).FillDown
    Columns("A:A").Delete Shift:=xlToLeft
End Sub

"pi567" wrote:

> How can I get a report that's copied to Excel in this format
> (originally an .rtf file):
>                 Division A
>                 Accounting
>                 Invoice#
>                 123          $100
>                 567          $345
>                 Division A
>                 Marketing
>                 Invoice#
>                 456           $50
>                 877           $2000
> to look like this:
>                Division A   Accounting   123    $100
>                Division A   Accounting   567    $345
>                Division A   Marketing     456    $50
>                Division A   Marketing     877    $2000
> It's a massive report that can go up to 200 pages.  Any assistance is
> greatly greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Nina
lori1 (126)
5/21/2009 5:07:01 AM

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