question about macro in excel

i have a macro that i want to run on different excel sheets.
i want to be able to choose it from every sheet.
how can i make it general?
thanks in advance,

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1/1/2004 10:18:01 AM
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Write your code against the activesheet.

Store the workbook with the code somewhere nice.

When you need the macro, open this file and tools|macro|macros...
and run your macro.

A lot of people save all their general utility macros into a file called
personal.xls and make sure that it's in their XLStart folder.

Then each time excel opens, this workbook also opens and the macros are

But after awhile, it gets difficult to pick out the macro you want from the list
in tools|macro|macros...

John Walkenbach has a neat technique that you may want to use that will add
another item to the worksheet menubar.  It works very nicely and looks

You can get John's MenuMaker workbook from:

TaLz wrote:
> hello,
> i have a macro that i want to run on different excel sheets.
> i want to be able to choose it from every sheet.
> how can i make it general?
> thanks in advance,
> tal
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Dave Peterson
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1/1/2004 2:26:35 PM
Thanx :

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1/6/2004 9:36:15 AM

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