Question about easy qualitative graph

Here's what we want to graph.
Categories are snowfall, snowpack, temperature, and precipitation.
We want these to be on the y axis.
Values are above, normal, below.
We want these to be on the x axis with them going from left to right
(below, normal, above) with space to the left of "below".

Snowfall=above, snowpack=above, temperature=below,

This sounds very easy, but not sure how to plot this without using
numbers, which we aren't using.

Thanks for your time,
shadkeene (1)
3/22/2011 10:19:34 PM
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On Mar 22, 10:19=A0pm, shadrack <> wrote:
> Here's what we want to graph.
> Categories are snowfall, snowpack, temperature, and precipitation.
> We want these to be on the y axis.
> Values are above, normal, below.
> We want these to be on the x axis with them going from left to right
> (below, normal, above) with space to the left of "below".
> Snowfall=3Dabove, snowpack=3Dabove, temperature=3Dbelow,
> precipitation=3Dnormal.
> This sounds very easy, but not sure how to plot this without using
> numbers, which we aren't using.
> Thanks for your time,
> S

I suggest that you cheat!

Put your chart together using numbers (1=3Dbelow, 2=3Dnormal, 3=3Dabove) an=
then place text boxes with your desired descriptors over the top of
the numbers displayed along the X axis.
3/24/2011 10:30:11 AM

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