Problem Changing Data Source In Pivot Table

Hello all. I have a workbook with multiple pivot tables pulling from a
odbc datasource. The database has been moved to a new server and I a
finding that even when I update the SQL with the new location in an
one query, it tells me it cannot graphically represent the SQL an
cannot pull the table. I am unsure as to whether or not I am mis-typin
something (although not really sure how i could do that) or if i a
missing some other place i need to update the link. Also, is there 
way to do it for all of the pivot tables at once? I have Excel 2000.

Thank you!!!

An example of the sql as it is (scroll down for needed change):
Filtch`, MULTIINFO.`Off Margin`, MULTIINFO.`Over Laps`, MULTIINFO.`Ove
Spray`, MULTIINFO.`Poor Adhesion`, MULTIINFO.`Ribbing & Roping`
MULTIINFO.`Topcoat Skips`, MULTIINFO.Trash, MULTIINFO.`Unpainte
Grooves`, MULTIINFO.Wrinkles, MULTIINFO.`Broken Edges`
MULTIINFO.`Paper Tears`, MULTIINFO.`Brash/Open Grain`
MULTIINFO.Rejects, MULTIINFO.Delaminations, MULTIINFO.`Holes & Splits`
MULTIINFO.`Low Spots`, MULTIINFO.`Film Defects`, MULTIINFO.Splices
FROM `\\Ntserver\public files\CHPI Reporting_BE`.MULTIINFO MULTIINFO

but with the new location it should be FROM '\\Mainsvr-1\publi

see anything i need to change? Help! LO

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6/12/2006 8:09:44 PM
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