Preventing password removal tools from working.......How?

Has anyone seen a good way to prevent the thousands of password removal
tools from working?

I would simply like the Excel protection to NOT be easily defeated by
the use of these tools.

Any ideas?


bryan1059 (1)
5/25/2006 12:52:36 PM
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The only way is to not let your workbook fall into the hands of people who will
try to break the password.

This may mean don't share it with anyone. wrote:
> Has anyone seen a good way to prevent the thousands of password removal
> tools from working?
> I would simply like the Excel protection to NOT be easily defeated by
> the use of these tools.
> Any ideas?
> Bryan


Dave Peterson
petersod (12005)
5/25/2006 1:23:42 PM wrote:
> Has anyone seen a good way to prevent the thousands of password removal
> tools from working?
> I would simply like the Excel protection to NOT be easily defeated by
> the use of these tools.

There isn't any such thing. Excel, indeed all of MSOffice, does
not have strong security. You should consider it to be protection
against accidental change, not against malicious individuals.
Professor Moriarity is not even going to have to slow down to
get your data out of any Office product.

If you need strong security, you need some other product.
If you have data that would cause great harm if it was hacked,
then you should not be storing it in accessible MSOffice files.
So such things as medical records or credit card numbers
should be behind something stronger than MSOffice security.

The easy way is to make it so that only trusted persons can
get the files. Say, put it on a LAN that has no connection to
the outside world, then only let people on that LAN that
are supposed to have the data. Even then, it's only as good
as the people. If they let strangers snoop through the LAN,
or take the data home, or bring malicious software in on
floppies or such, it can still be very bad.

puppet_sock (108)
5/25/2006 2:55:55 PM

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