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What are the point of Pivot Tables?  I was asked about it at work, and I 
have no idea what they are and how useful they are? 

3/13/2009 2:51:32 AM
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Very useful, you could have a look here to make a start,


"Jason Woolsey" <jasonmwoolsey@me.com> wrote in message 
> What are the point of Pivot Tables?  I was asked about it at work, and I 
> have no idea what they are and how useful they are? 

alan111 (581)
3/13/2009 3:13:34 AM
Hi Jason

They are the hidden gem in Excel.
A fantastically easy way of analysing all sorts of data.

For more help take a look at
scroll to section on pivot tables

Roger Govier

"Jason Woolsey" <jasonmwoolsey@me.com> wrote in message 
> What are the point of Pivot Tables?  I was asked about it at work, and I 
> have no idea what they are and how useful they are? 

3/13/2009 9:52:46 AM

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Hi there, (1) I am working with a huge Access database with 346,722 records (2) I created a pivot table in Access and that works (3) Now, I want to export this table to Excel (4) When I try to do this, it says "No Data" and returns a blank Excel page I understand that there is a limitation on the number of lines in Excel (~64K). But, since I have a massive database file, how can I possibly export the Pivot table to Excel? Any comments will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!! rgds Kaushik You can build a series of queries based of the pivot that break the result down to manageab...

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Hi, I am looking for a fix in below code, probably addition to it. I'm trying to export a query from ACCESS 2003 to EXCEL 2003. I do that each time with the export to excel button available in access which generates a temp file which I have to save all the time by naming it into appropriate excel file format. So far I have managed to export only the data sheet. I'm stuck with creating the pivot table portion in same code. These few lines I found while browsing and changed them w.r.t. my requirements. I would like to have a pivot table in sheet2 based on data ran...

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when replicating with my assistant, I get that there are replication errors, but when I try to open the conflicts table, I get that there are "no conflict tables" =?Utf-8?B?YmttNGVhZ2xl?= <bkm4eagle@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in news:5246CFE9-3BC1-4411-AB08-3E7B8D67D433@microsoft.com: > when replicating with my assistant, I get that there are > replication errors, but when I try to open the conflicts table, I > get that there are "no conflict tables" You'll have to look at the tables directly. The conflict tables are called BaseTabl...

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I was having a problem with Prompt Fields when I 'printed' a report in CRM. I can view and Export the report just fine but I can't Print it. I installed patch 834913, but now I get a dialog box that says... Crystal Report Viewer Information is needed before thsi report can be processed.[On Cache/Page Server: SERVERNAME.pageserver] Any ideas? This is a simple report with no subreports. The prompt field is being used to sort the report. I have published the entire site and restarted all IIS and Crystal services. Thanks! open the report in crystal designer and go to database-...

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I got this answer from comp.theory. It was completely obvious once it was explained. It is trivially simple to create a DFA based recognizer without a state transition matrix data table. Simply encode case statements corresponding to inputs within the case elements of a case statement corresponding to states. In at least some cases the (case within case) method might be faster depending upon whether or not memory is reduced enough to more than offset the higher case statement overhead to increase cache locality of reference. "Peter Olcott" <NoSpam@OCR4Screen.com...

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