Pivot Table with Quarter Subtotals across the top


I'm constantly creating pivot tables that show sales information by
date across the top from left to right.  I would love to insert a
subtotal at the end of each calender quarter to subtotal the last
three months.  As it stands right now I just drop in the "Month" field
from the data into the pivot table and the months flow through the
pivot table.

Is it possible to insert a quarter subtotal, say "1Q07" that will sum
Jan-07, Feb-07 & Mar-07?

Thanks in advance,


dvpetta (9)
6/20/2007 4:12:26 PM
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In 2007-

Select any date heading, on the options ribbon click Group Field in the 
Group group, the grouping dialogue box should appear, you can select group 
by quarter

<dvpetta@gmail.com> wrote in message 
> Hello,
> I'm constantly creating pivot tables that show sales information by
> date across the top from left to right.  I would love to insert a
> subtotal at the end of each calender quarter to subtotal the last
> three months.  As it stands right now I just drop in the "Month" field
> from the data into the pivot table and the months flow through the
> pivot table.
> Is it possible to insert a quarter subtotal, say "1Q07" that will sum
> Jan-07, Feb-07 & Mar-07?
> Thanks in advance,
> Dza

6/20/2007 8:08:36 PM

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