Pivot Table Splits Columns for same entry #2

Thanks for the response. However, I seem to have misrepresented m
problem because the solution doesn't help. In the Layout for the Pivo
Table I have the following: In the "ROW": Item#, In the "COLUMN": Tota
Lost $, Frequency of Reports generated by item #, In the "DATA": sum th
counts of each item #. My chart displays the Item# on the x-axis, th
sum the counts of each item # on the y-axis, the Total Lost $ and th
Frequency of Reports generated by item # in the legend. 
There should only be one column per item # whether the chart type i
stacked or clustered. I have three distinct item #s that display tw
subtotals under one item # instead of one column displaying the gran
total. The rest of the chart is fine. I can't determine why only thre
item #s are affected and not the others.
This is definitely a hard problem to understand without the sprea
sheet and chart in front of you, but any help will be beneficial.
The Total Lost $ data is a SUMIF function while the others ar
manually typed in for each new entry. I have been successful usin
SUMIF functions in my other pivot tables with this data, accept fo
this Total Lost $ column in the data.

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11/9/2004 8:24:05 PM
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Here is a graphical representation of my problem. I am referring to th
51068 and 52062 columns. Thanks for the help

|Filename: PT Problem.JPG                                           
|Download: http://www.excelforum.com/attachment.php?postid=2808     

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11/24/2004 7:24:12 PM

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