Pivot Table question:

If I have a simple spreadsheet, with:

      acctNo Call Month Number of Calls
      23142 Feb-2003 12
      23142 Mar-2003 90
      25943 Feb-2003 24
      25943 Mar-2003 32
      26044 Mar-2003 1
      1260 Feb-2003 144
      1260 Mar-2003 615
      25828 Mar-2003 59
      17688 Mar-2003 359
      5235 Mar-2003 4
      23042 Mar-2003 53

Then I can very easy generate a pivot table like this:

      Sum of Number of Calls Call Month
      acctNo 2003/02/01 2003/03/01 (blank) Grand Total
      1260 144 615   759
      5235   4  4
      17688   359  359
      23042   53  53
      23142 12 90  102
      25828   59  59
      25943 24 32  56
      26044   1  1
      Grand Total 180 1213   1393

BUT, if my spreadsheet looks like this:

      acctName acctNo Call Month Amount Number of Calls
      AC Malan t/a Ari Malan for Plot 23142 Feb-2003 R 31.46 12
      AC Malan t/a Ari Malan for Plot 23142 Mar-2003 R 216.06 90
      Academy for Mathematics and Science (Pty) Ltd. 25943 Feb-2003 R 59.65
      Academy for Mathematics and Science (Pty) Ltd. 25943 Mar-2003 R 71.46
      Aero Clothing Manufactureres (Pty) Ltd 26044 Mar-2003 R 7.17 1
      Africon Engineering 1260 Feb-2003 R 405.25 144
      Africon Engineering 1260 Mar-2003 R 1,524.14 615
      Africon Engineering International t/a Africon Engineering
International 25828 Mar-2003 R 187.72 59
      Africure Management Services (Pty) Ltd 17688 Mar-2003 R 898.22 359
      Afrisun Gauteng 5235 Mar-2003 R 8.14 4

HOW can I easy get my pivot table that:

For each AcctNo, also have the AcctName next to it.
For each Account, and for each Call Month, have BOTH the Sum of Number of
Calls and Sum of Amount next to each other.


7/24/2003 9:46:00 AM
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