partially turning off auto calculate?

Any way to NOT auto caluculate 1 particular formula, while leaving the
rest of excel to auto calculate? In particular, I have an SQL query I
would prefer to run manually, while not interferring with the rest of
my workbook(s)

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11/2/2003 6:58:45 AM
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Calculation is an all or nothing setting. You can't prevent calculation of
specific ranges.

Chip Pearson
Microsoft MVP - Excel
Pearson Software Consulting, LLC

"dnickelson" <> wrote in message
> Any way to NOT auto caluculate 1 particular formula, while leaving the
> rest of excel to auto calculate? In particular, I have an SQL query I
> would prefer to run manually, while not interferring with the rest of
> my workbook(s)
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chip1 (1821)
11/2/2003 3:23:59 PM

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