Number of wsheets in an excel workbook???

hey guys, how many wsheets does one excel workbook have? I need to have
about 66 - is that possible?


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3/13/2006 8:49:19 AM
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I have created a workbook with more sheets in it that that. obviously
depending on the amount of data on each sheet your workbook could be
getting quite large and possibly unmanageable! I guess you will have to
try it! Depending what you wish to do it is often easier to have all the
data on one sheet and sort or lookup or filter to get what you require
rather than having to reference seperate sheets, but the choice is



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3/13/2006 9:12:56 AM
thanks for the clarification dave!!!! 


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3/13/2006 9:27:44 AM
mariasa Wrote: 
> hey guys, how many wsheets does one excel workbook have? I need to have
> about 66 - is that possible?
> Thanks.
> Maria
The most is 256.

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3/13/2006 9:47:54 AM
thanks for the exact number OverAC. 

Kind Regards,

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3/13/2006 10:15:08 AM
The actual number depends on how much available memory you have.

mariasa wrote:
> thanks for the exact number OverAC.
> Kind Regards,
> Maria
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> mariasa
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Dave Peterson
petersod (12005)
3/13/2006 11:51:35 AM

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