Need HELP! for Linking data

Could someone please direct me to where I can learn how to link date in a
work book.  i.e., I have individual pages for each subject but I need the
data that is entered in these individual pages to transfer to the Master
without having to manually in put it.........TNX

7/26/2003 6:08:54 AM
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There are not too many bits about linking worksheets or workbooks that I can
But have a look at the links below, in case they give you the information
you need.
I think it is frustratingly one of those things which is very easy when you
know how, or if you can get someone to actually show you, but if you have
not done it before difficult to know how to start.  I remember being totally
baffled when I started, but now link worksheets and books without a thought.
I don't think any of these show how to use formulae to reference another
worksheet or book.  One function I use a lot between different worksheets is
vlookup, where you can look up a reference in another work book and bring
back the contents of any cell in the same row.
If you get stuck post the details of exactly what you are trying to do and
someone will most likely help (the more detail you give the more likely you
are to get a reply)

You may like to use the groups
as I think they are more frequented.

Best of luck, Barbara  (a little bit in the formulas
& functions section) (look under L
for linking)

"Bubey" <> wrote in message
> Could someone please direct me to where I can learn how to link date in a
> work book.  i.e., I have individual pages for each subject but I need the
> data that is entered in these individual pages to transfer to the Master
> page
> without having to manually in put it.........TNX

msnews4117 (15)
7/27/2003 10:57:49 AM

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