moving worksheets between workbooks

I have three workbooks that I'd like to consolidate into one workbook
with 3 sheets. Workbook #1 contains linked cell references in
workbooks #2 and #3. How can I move the worksheets from workbooks #2
and #3 into workbook #1 while maintaining the integrity of the linked
cell references?



jim.epler (1)
8/31/2007 6:51:16 PM
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Hi Jim,

I don't now how this will affect the links, but you can move worksheets this 
-Open all the workbooks invovled
-Right click on the tab of the sheet you want to move and choose move or 
copy from the popup menu
-In the new dialog click on the dropdown to select the workbook you wan to 
send to to then Ok

You might this with copies of the workbooks just in case it does affect the 


"jim_epler" wrote:

> I have three workbooks that I'd like to consolidate into one workbook
> with 3 sheets. Workbook #1 contains linked cell references in
> workbooks #2 and #3. How can I move the worksheets from workbooks #2
> and #3 into workbook #1 while maintaining the integrity of the linked
> cell references?
> Thanks,
>  -Jim
mikebres (18)
8/31/2007 10:56:00 PM

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