merge multilple data values

how would I merge multilple data values:

in seperate columns as: js-1234 to .jpg


jenny6396 (1)
11/3/2003 11:15:04 AM
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Hi Jennifer,

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11/3/2003 1:07:01 PM
Hi Jennifer,

Try using =(A1&B1) where A1 and B1 are the cells where your data

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11/3/2003 1:09:05 PM
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"Jennifer Burnel" <> wrote in message news:<TMqpb.5594$>...
> how would I merge multilple data values:
> in seperate columns as: js-1234 to .jpg
> Thanks

One way to combine fields in Excel is
If worksheet B2 contains 
and C2 contains 
then the formula 
   =CONCATENATE(B2,C2) in D2
returns the entry
caugheymc (1)
11/3/2003 3:56:25 PM

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