Macro with "if" condition

Excuse my basic level of understanding.

Is "if" functionality available within a macro?

Specifically I am looking to do this within a macro

 if (cell B7=1, Macro1, Macro2)


6/1/2006 12:02:56 PM
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if range("B7") = 1 then


"jnsaunders" <> a �crit dans le message de news: 
> Excuse my basic level of understanding.
> Is "if" functionality available within a macro?
> Specifically I am looking to do this within a macro
> if (cell B7=1, Macro1, Macro2)
> thanks

ardus.petus (319)
6/1/2006 12:06:11 PM
Thanks so much.  I will try it in a few moments. Man I love usenet....

"jnsaunders" <> wrote in message 
> Excuse my basic level of understanding.
> Is "if" functionality available within a macro?
> Specifically I am looking to do this within a macro
> if (cell B7=1, Macro1, Macro2)
> thanks

6/1/2006 12:12:22 PM

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