Macro problem #3

I have a exel file which always asks me whether I want to disable macro 
during start up. I don't need any macro in it at all and I checked from menu 
Tool->Macro->Macros. But there is nothing in the list. How can I find it and 
delete it please? 

jlmagzine (3)
4/14/2005 3:13:50 AM
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You could take a look here...

Nick Hodge
Microsoft MVP - Excel
Southampton, England

"JL" <> wrote in message 
>I have a exel file which always asks me whether I want to disable macro 
>during start up. I don't need any macro in it at all and I checked from 
>menu Tool->Macro->Macros. But there is nothing in the list. How can I find 
>it and delete it please?

4/14/2005 6:29:19 AM

Go into you VBA editor  (ALT F11) and see if there are any modules in
there. If there are, delete them. 


assertec (7)
4/14/2005 7:42:23 AM

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