Macro HELP!

I am trying to build a macro that will check for the day of the week in
cell A1. "Mon", "Tue etc.., if true, it will copy the contents of
another cell and paste to another cell.  Hope this is discriptive
enough.  Help the newbie

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12/5/2003 4:40:12 PM
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I think you should ask a more specific question.  Maybe this is a first

If range("A1")= "Mon" then
  Range("C1").Copy Destination:=Range("D1")
    end if

Will you paste to different places for different days of the week?.  Then a
Select Case might be in order.  Post back.

Earl Kiosterud
mvpearl omitthisword at verizon period net

"cycle4fun" <> wrote in message
> I am trying to build a macro that will check for the day of the week in
> cell A1. "Mon", "Tue etc.., if true, it will copy the contents of
> another cell and paste to another cell.  Hope this is discriptive
> enough.  Help the newbie
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> ~~Now Available: Financial Statements.xls, a step by step guide to
creating financial statements

nowhere8060 (363)
12/5/2003 5:04:30 PM

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