macro for comparing fields in two work books


I have two excel spread sheets (say A1 & A2). A1- is the master sprea
sheet and A2 is smaller spread sheet with very few details.

Suppose Column B in A2 has 100 partnumbers and Column C in A1 has th
superset of partumbers (1000) and corresponding details for each par
number, I need to:

1. Check if all the 100 part numbers in A2 has a corresponding match i
2. Extract the info for the matched partnumbers from A1 and list in 
seprate sheet.
3. Even if there in no match A1, let's say for 40 of them, it shoul
still list those parts in the new sheet.

Can anybody help me with this problem. I would really appreciate i
anybody can suggest any tips.



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9/30/2004 5:13:28 PM
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Chip Pearson has lots of techniques at:

(and you may want to use sheet names like Sheet1 and sheet2 (or book1 and
book2).  A1 and A2 look a lot like addresses of ranges.  It's not too confusing
in this example, but it can get confusing pretty quickly.)

Sunny wrote:
> Hello,
> I have two excel spread sheets (say A1 & A2). A1- is the master spread
> sheet and A2 is smaller spread sheet with very few details.
> Suppose Column B in A2 has 100 partnumbers and Column C in A1 has the
> superset of partumbers (1000) and corresponding details for each part
> number, I need to:
> 1. Check if all the 100 part numbers in A2 has a corresponding match in
> A1
> 2. Extract the info for the matched partnumbers from A1 and list in a
> seprate sheet.
> 3. Even if there in no match A1, let's say for 40 of them, it should
> still list those parts in the new sheet.
> Can anybody help me with this problem. I would really appreciate if
> anybody can suggest any tips.
> Thanks
> Sunny
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> Sunny
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9/30/2004 7:43:24 PM

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