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I would like to take a previous issue to the next level of complexity.
Here's the scenario

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Here's a possible solution :-)

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> I would like to take a previous issue to the next level of complexity.
> Here's the scenario:
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I added a Contacts lookup field on the Accounts form. When I click it to select a Contact, it shows me every contact from all Accounts. I need it to show me the JUST contacts that belong to the Account that I am currently in. Can this be done? You cannot filter the displayed records in CRM. See http://www.stunnware.com/crm2/topic.aspx?id=CustomLookup for a custom solution. -- Michael http://www.stunnware.com/crm2 ---------------------------------------------------------- "DubSport" <jamie.carmichael@cmgl.ca> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:1157726656.055061.140880@p79g20...

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Is there a way to have a drop down list using data validation in file "jobs.xls" sheet "Sheet 1" Cell C4 to select a contact from a list that is in the file "parts.xls" sheet "contact" and fill in the corresponding cells in "Jobs.xls". The list of contacts starts on row 3 and goes to row 48 now but there will be more in the future. If there is another way to do this other than data validation I am open to other ideas. In "Job.xls" Sheet name is "Sheet 1" C4 C5 C6 D6 E6 C7 D7 C8 C9 ...

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Hi Groupies: I posted this a couple of days ago, but I missed the functions group, no reply yet. I was asked if this was possible and I can not think of how, hopefully, somebody can help me. On Sheet 2, I have the following data: cell B2 =sheet1$N$14 cell B3 =sheet1$N$32 On sheet 3, I need to have cell B2 =sheet1$N$15 cell B3 =sheet1$N$33 On sheet 4, I need to have cell B2 =sheet1$N$16 cell B3 =sheet1$N$34 Basically, each sheet is a different month and the references need to be offset each time. This needs to be done a number of times in this and other workbooks. Is there an efficie...

I am using excel 2007 and I am working with a workbook that has 2 sheets. One is called Monthly and the other is called History. Both contain the same fields and columns which includes Account Numbers. The Monthly has a small amount of records for the month and the History has all records for the year 2010. What I would like to do is hide the History tab. Which is no problem. And when the user is looking at the monthly records they can also select a account number on that sheet and a dropdown, combo box, or lookup will pop up and they would be able to then view all the history re...

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I have say a 26 by 26 grid of info and the row 1 is filled with values A-Z and column A is numbered from 1-26. How do I write a function that will search Range A-Z(Row 1) and then search range 1-26 (Col A) and when it finds the two values if will return the value in the cell they intersect? ex. given a 3x3 grid. top row of cells are filled with A, B, C and first calumn is filled with 1,2,3. I want a function that will return the value in (B,2). Thanks. -- jt76 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ jt76's Profile: http://www.excelforum.com/member.p...

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Has anyone else noticed this? VLOOKUP seems to use only the first 8 characters of the lookup value, so both lookup values 12345678 and 123456789 will match a table array value of 12345678. Anyone know of a way to change this so it uses all characters of the lookup value? On 29 Jul., 20:16, eggman2001 <sod...@gmail.com> wrote: > Has anyone else noticed this? VLOOKUP seems to use only the first 8 > characters of the lookup value, so both lookup values 12345678 and > 123456789 will match a table array value of 12345678. Anyone know of a > way to change this so it uses all chara...

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Hi, One help, please: - I have a domain test.local (W2k3) and in it a Exchange 2003 Std (machine mail.test.local); - I configured the users send email as @test.com; - My MX is pointed to Exchange Server; - I have a public IP from DSL service; - when I send an email the recipient use Reverse DNS lookup and the result is mail.test.local and not test.com How can I solve that problem? Thanks. Luiz Luiz wrote: > Hi, > > One help, please: > > - I have a domain test.local (W2k3) and in it a Exchange 2003 Std (machine > mail.test.local); > - I configured the users send e...

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On the Case form, when you look up a Customer you have the option to click New. If New is clicked and a new Account (or Contact) is created, is it possible to link the Account straight back to the form when the Save & Close button is clicked. Rather than having to select the newly created Account from the Lookup up form, the account is selected automatically and the lookup form is closed. This CRM implemenation is for a call centre and they must minimse the amount of clicks to perform certain actions. This is a CRM 4.0 implementation. Is this possible with JScript, or by any other means...

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I need to import a file everyday that looks like this, but there are 250 people listed. I want to be able to enter a formula that will look for just my team members based on a list, and either delete the other rows or put the data in a new sheet - whichever is easier. The data looks as follows: Entry Operator Orders Demand Avg Total Promo's Promo % ABRAMS,TANJA 16 850.25 53.14 4 2500% CONNOR,JASON 97 3,978.55 41.02 3 309% COSGROVE,CAROL 260 14,057.88 54.07 54 2077% CRISTINA,TINA 29 1,658.75 57.20 3 1034% CROCKETT,BARBARA 32 936.42 29.26 7 2188% DAVIS,ELIZABETH 50 2,448.10 48.96 7 1400%...

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I am currently using the vlookup function to find values on another sheet ('Previous Report') associated with data on the current sheet and to transfer any matching results to the first sheet, (working with no problems). How can i extend this so that as well as transfering any matching data the interior color for the cell is also 'copied' over to the current sheet. rangecheck = Range("A8") Range("L8").Select Do Until rangecheck = "" ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _ "=VLOOKUP(RC[-11],'Previous Repo...

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Greetings, Experts, I'm sorry for not following the earlier advice, i just don't get it. perhaps i'm not explaining well. We're trying to define the formula that will look at a row of data and sum a specific number of cells into a new cell (called the new cell A2). then, cell B2 picks up summing the row for a specified number of cells and puts that sum into B2. Here's the sample data, in a row. Row 1: 10,35,50,7,25,48 Cell A7 has the value "3", which means that we'd like to put the sum of the first 3 numbers in Row1 into cell A2. Cell A8 has the v...

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What is the appropriate function to find data at the intersection of columns and rows? I've used VLOOKUP tables where I renamed cells in the left column, but never in the top row also. Would this work, and how would I write the formula so that the proper data is returned? Thanks. Jane with the item to row match in A1, the item to column match in B1, and a table that is D6:G9 (row names in C6:C9, column headers in D5:G5 then =OFFSET($C$5,MATCH(A1,$C$6:$C$9,0),MATCH(B1,$D$5:$G$5,0)) should look up for you QUOTE=Amazon]What is the appropriate function to find data at the intersect...