lookup problem #2

I have a sheet with J11 called Buyers # and K11 called Buyers name. On the
next sheet called Buyers there is a list with B1 being the buyers number,
and C2 is the buyers names. How can I enter a number on the first sheet and
get the corresponding name to come up?


todd7893 (1)
5/17/2004 5:26:47 PM
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Have a look in HELP index for VLOOKUP

Don Guillett
SalesAid Software
"Todd Fischer" <todd@fischerhome.net> wrote in message
> I have a sheet with J11 called Buyers # and K11 called Buyers name. On the
> next sheet called Buyers there is a list with B1 being the buyers number,
> and C2 is the buyers names. How can I enter a number on the first sheet
> get the corresponding name to come up?
> Todd

5/17/2004 5:33:35 PM
Hi Todd,

In cell K11, put the formula:


This assumes that your list of Buyers and numbers are on sheet2, cells
B1:C100. Adjust the text in the formula as required



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