Linking userforms to Excell Worksheet


I have created a userform with textboxes, radio buttons, check boxes etc.

When a user opens the user form and fills it out i want the data to be 
entered in to certain columns in the excell worksheet.

Any help would be highly appreciated.



8/23/2006 2:02:18 PM
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SOmething like this in the userform module:

R = 12
With ActiveWorkbook.Sheets(1)
    .cells(R, 1).Value = Me.textbox1.Text
    .cells(R, 2).Value = Me.textbox2.Text
    .cells(R, 3).Value = Me.Optionbutton1.Value
    .cells(R, 4).Value = Me.Combobox1.Listindex
....and so on.

HTH. Best wishes Harald

"shivun pilwal" <> skrev i melding
> Hi
> I have created a userform with textboxes, radio buttons, check boxes etc.
> When a user opens the user form and fills it out i want the data to be
> entered in to certain columns in the excell worksheet.
> Any help would be highly appreciated.
> Regards
> shiv

innocent (844)
8/23/2006 2:55:19 PM

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