Linking Multiple Charts

I'm trying to link a chart, or a page, from one excel spreadsheet to 
chart or page on another excel spreadsheet.
I have multiple excel spreadsheets with many charts inside.  Many o
the same charts are in more than one spreadsheet.   For example, if 
want to update the CPI chart I would like to be able to update it i
one of the spread sheets and have all the CPI charts automaticall
updated in the other spreadsheets, since they are identical charts

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7/13/2004 1:56:47 AM
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Does anyone know if this is even possible

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7/18/2004 2:31:57 AM
you can have the same chart in two workbooks linked to the same set o
data - one way would be to copy an existing chart into the ne

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7/18/2004 2:34:25 AM

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