Linking Excel to Word

I am writing a monthly report in Word 2000 whose figures and charts
come directly from Excel 2000.

The excel model changes every month, and the changes must appear
automatically in the Word report.

So, the .xls and the .doc files have to be linked dynamically, with
something like OLE or DDE.

I would like to know what is the best strategy for linking the files,
that gives the lowest overhead to Windows 2000 (at home Win XP), is
not exposed to corruption problems and if possible, respects the
original format of the excel file.

I have tried:

*** Strategy 1:

In my Excel file I   Shift/Edit/Copy Picture. I accept the default
options for appearance and formt. In Word I do Paste Special/Paste
This gives me a DDEAUTO field, that I can see with Alt-F9

*** Strategy 2:

In my Excel file I   Edit/Copy. In Word I do Paste Special/Paste Link
and I get a number of formats to chose from
This gives me a LINK field, that I can see with Alt-F9

Which of the two is more robust and less prone to corruption? Any
suggestions or even technical articles I could refer to?

Thank you very much for your advice.

Vicente Soler
5/29/2008 5:58:30 PM
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