linked sheets for compilation database

I've managed to create a schedule for my construction projects with the
whole gantt chart and it has worked out great, I used a tutorial I
found on the web.

Only now my boss wants to see a gantt chart that compiles all the jobs
into one chart so we can see scheduling confilict or whatever.

So I'm wondering if this is easily accomplished:

Can I create single job schedules say three projects:

-Smith Project
-Jones Project
-Frank Project

Then import them into the compilation schedule so I will have 
(for example)

Smith 6/15-6/30
Jones 6/20-6/29
Frank 6/12-6/25

Smith 7/1-8/1
Jones 8/1-9/1
Frank 9/1-10/1

And then on and on and on.

The problem I think I'm having is each project category would almost
have to be a sort of heading so that if I have one job or fifteen jobs
they are all relative?

Anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks for your input.

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7/4/2006 5:54:11 PM
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