Last Value in a Column when Value <> 0

Hi, can someone provide me a formula that populates a cell with the
last value in a column that does not = 0?
Below is an example

The goal is to populate a cell with the value of 7. I am currently
using the below formula that populates the last value of a column:
=INDEX('Retirement Total'!B:B,MATCH(9.99999999999999E+307,'Retirement

I do not however know how to change this to not populate the last
value when it is zero. Your help is appreciated.
11/3/2009 3:55:59 AM
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Assuming you want the last *numeric* value that <>0.

Try something like this:

=LOOKUP(1E100,1/'Retirement Total'!B1:B20,'Retirement Total'!B1:B20)

Note: unless you're using Excel 2007 (or greater) you can't reference the 
entire column B:B. You'd have to specify a range.

Microsoft Excel MVP

"SanCarlosCyclist" <> wrote in message
> Hi, can someone provide me a formula that populates a cell with the
> last value in a column that does not = 0?
> Below is an example
> 3
> 6
> 7
> 0
> 0
> 0
> The goal is to populate a cell with the value of 7. I am currently
> using the below formula that populates the last value of a column:
> =INDEX('Retirement Total'!B:B,MATCH(9.99999999999999E+307,'Retirement
> Total'!B:B))
> I do not however know how to change this to not populate the last
> value when it is zero. Your help is appreciated. 

biffinpitt (3172)
11/3/2009 4:15:30 AM

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