Insert row with button

Is it possible to have a main workbook with information from other  
workbooks at each worksheet? I have 20
workbooks with information. I would like to haven a main workbook with on  
sheet1 every row from the
20workbooks with category1, on sheet2 every row from the 20workbooks with  
category2, etc, etc. The information
in the 20workbooks in always only on sheet. The Colum in which the data is  
has no fix end. I go to fill in the
rows trough a user-form and comes always under the last row.

The mainsheet has to update every time it opens (and if possible a button  
on the sheet to update manually)
without opening all the other documents.

I would like to make the connexion with one subsheey an the mainsheet and  
then copy the subsheet 20x with the connexion

Categorie3		Categorie1		Categorie2
Categorie1		Categorie3		Categorie3
Categorie3		Categorie2		Categorie2
Categorie3 		Categorie1
Categorie2 		Categorie3
Categorie1 		Categorie2

Sheet1		Sheet2		Sheet3
Categorie1		Categorie2 		Categorie3
Categorie1		Categorie2		Categorie3
Categorie1 		Categorie2		Categorie3
Categorie1		Categorie2		Categorie3
Categorie1		Categorie2		Categorie3
Categorie1		Categorie2		Categorie3
			Categorie2		Categorie3

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