If Then Else?? #2

1	A	B	C	D	E	F	G	H	I		
2	Country		MSIA	SPORE	HK	China	Japan	Thai	Viet
4	Base		0.10	0.95	0.13	0.13	0.13	0.12	0.10
	(1-Bucket + 1-Crate)
5	1-Bucket	0.04	0.04	0.04	0.04	0.04	0.12	0.04		
6	1-Crate		0.09	0.10	0.09	0.09	0.09	0.09	0.09		
8	Raisin	R	0.01	0.01	0.02	0.05	0.03	0.01	0.01		
9	Grape	G	0.17	0.19	0.15	0.16	0.24	0.08	0.12		
11	Unripe	UC1	0.07	0.07	0.08	0.07	0.07	0.03	0.05		
12	Unripe	UC2	1.00	1.03	1.56	0.95	0.95	0.45	0.67		
13	Unripe 	UC3	0.29	0.30	0.45	0.27	0.27	0.13	0.19		
14	Ripe 	RC1	0.57	0.59	0.69	0.54	0.54	0.25	0.38		
15	Ripe 	RC2	0.39	0.40	0.61	0.37	0.37	0.17	0.26		
16	Ripe 	RC3	0.29	0.30	0.56	0.26	0.26	0.12	0.18		
						Base		Add-on Bucket		Add-on Crate	Raisin/Grape		Rated Ripe / Unripe
Malaysia/1-Bucket/1-Crate/Raisin	     =	C4	+	((1-1)*C5)	+	((1-1)*C6)	+	C8		
Malaysia/2-Bucket/2-Crate/Raisin	     =	C4	+	((2-1)*C5)	+	((2-1)*C6)	+	C8		
Malaysia/2-Bucket/3-Crate/Grape/Unripe (UC1) =	C4	+	((2-1)*C5)	+	((3-1)*C6)	+	C9	+	C11
HongKong/1-Bucket/1-Crate/Grape		     =	E4	+	((1-1)*E5)	+	((1-1)*E6)	+	

Japan/5-Bucket/7-Crate/Grape/Ripe (RC2)	     =	HLOOKUP("JAPAN",$D$2:$J$16,3,FALSE)								
														???		???
how to go about to obtain ??? using If Then Else...

3/22/2012 5:58:37 AM
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