If Statement that Copies to another Sheet

I am not sure how to create an IF statement that does the following:

If a cell is >1 then copy the contents of another cell onto another

Can this be done?  And does this make sense 

Thank you for your help!!


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1/26/2004 8:09:30 PM
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It can't be done - worksheet functions can only return values to their 
calling cells.

However, you can put this in the cell in your second sheet:

J1:      =IF(Sheet1!A1>1, Sheet1!B1, "")

which will display the contents of Sheet1!B1 if Sheet1A1 > 1, else will 
display a null string.

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 sunpanther <<sunpanther.10nnps@excelforum-nospam.com>> wrote:

> I am not sure how to create an IF statement that does the following:
> If a cell is >1 then copy the contents of another cell onto another
> sheet.
> Can this be done?  And does this make sense 
> Thank you for your help!!
> :confused:
jemcgimpsey1 (104)
1/26/2004 8:54:29 PM

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