Hyperlinks not active

I have a 2007 worksheet where I have a column of about 250 hyperlinks.   Non 
of them show up as hyperlinks.  When I move my mouse over them they dont do 
anything.    Is there a way I can make these cells which are valid web 
addresses, a working hyperlink??



carl5618 (16)
5/15/2008 3:04:38 AM
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With your "dead" hyperlinks in column A, in B1 enter:

=HYPERLINK(A1) and copy down
Gary''s Student - gsnu2007h

"Mr Crowley" wrote:

> I have a 2007 worksheet where I have a column of about 250 hyperlinks.   Non 
> of them show up as hyperlinks.  When I move my mouse over them they dont do 
> anything.    Is there a way I can make these cells which are valid web 
> addresses, a working hyperlink??
> Thanks
GarysStudent (1572)
5/15/2008 9:58:01 AM

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Hi, I've read a whole bunch of posts on workflow but cannot find the answer to my problem. I want to create a rule that on activation of a Quote a task is created with the task due date set to 7 days prior to the quotation expiry date. Cheers Andy. Sorry, there's no supported way to do this in the current version. The closest you are going to get is to use Wait statements in your workflow. -- Matt Wittemann http://icu-mscrm.blogspot.com "Andy P" wrote: > Hi, > > I've read a whole bunch of posts on workflow but cannot find the answer to > my prob...