How to use Find (Ctrl-F) to find non-alpha

Is there some way to search a sheet for anything BUT a-z or A-Z?

tx ;-)
hsmills (2)
10/22/2010 9:31:05 PM
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Finding numerals or a mixture of numbers and letters (and other characters) 
works ok for me.

What are you having trouble with?

On 10/22/2010 16:31, Heather Mills wrote:
> Is there some way to search a sheet for anything BUT a-z or A-Z?
> tx ;-)

Dave Peterson
petersod1 (224)
10/22/2010 10:54:28 PM
On Fri, 22 Oct 2010 17:54:28 -0500, Dave Peterson
<> wrote:

>Finding numerals or a mixture of numbers and letters (and other characters) 
>works ok for me.
>What are you having trouble with?
>On 10/22/2010 16:31, Heather Mills wrote:
>> Is there some way to search a sheet for anything BUT a-z or A-Z?
>> tx ;-)

sorry, not clr. I want to search a col for cells containing any
non-alpha characters. Most of the cells contain only alpha. A few have
some misc chars like "\", "'", "_", etc. 

in this list, I want a search string that'll find 3, 5, & 7

1  abc
2  xyz
3  p_s
4  mmm
5  ab\
6  COD
7  don't
hsmills (2)
10/23/2010 12:05:54 AM

I don't know how to use Find (Ctrl-F) to find non-alpha.

If your data are in column A beginning at A1, you can try this array 
Put in B1 this following array formula:
=(SUM(--(CODE(UPPER(MID(A1,ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&LEN(A1))),1)))<65)) +
SUM( --(CODE(UPPER(MID(A1,ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&LEN(A1))),1)))>90)))>0

This formula must be entered with the combination of the three keys
Ctrl+Shift+Enter instead with the single key Enter. Then drag
down the formula.

This formula should display the value TRUE if a non letter is in the string.

"Heather Mills"  a �crit dans le message de groupe de discussion :

Is there some way to search a sheet for anything BUT a-z or A-Z?

tx ;-) 

Please9856 (13)
10/23/2010 4:20:01 AM
Excel's find doesn't support this kind of search.

About the only wildcards that excel's find can use are from the old DOS days:
* (any characters)
? (any single character)

Obviously, you can use multiple Find's to search for as many characters as you want.

On 10/22/2010 19:05, Heather Mills wrote:
> On Fri, 22 Oct 2010 17:54:28 -0500, Dave Peterson
> <>  wrote:
>> Finding numerals or a mixture of numbers and letters (and other characters)
>> works ok for me.
>> What are you having trouble with?
>> On 10/22/2010 16:31, Heather Mills wrote:
>>> Is there some way to search a sheet for anything BUT a-z or A-Z?
>>> tx ;-)
> sorry, not clr. I want to search a col for cells containing any
> non-alpha characters. Most of the cells contain only alpha. A few have
> some misc chars like "\", "'", "_", etc.
> in this list, I want a search string that'll find 3, 5,&  7
> 1  abc
> 2  xyz
> 3  p_s
> 4  mmm
> 5  ab\
> 6  COD
> 7  don't

Dave Peterson
petersod1 (224)
10/23/2010 12:03:47 PM

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