Hid and unhide and clear contents for specific columns at the same time

I have a serious problem with excel programming and i am not able to
figureout how to  do the following funtions.

I have 24 columns. names Jan -Dec ( Actual) then Jan- Dec (Forecast).
There is one reference cell A1 ( for current month).
- If  A1= Jan, I want macro to hide FEB-DEC 9 Actual , and leave
FEB-DEC (forecast).
-If A1= FEB , I want macro to unhide FEB Actual and hide MAR-Dec (
actual) and at the same time clear contents in FEB (forecast) and hide
feb (forecast ).

ANd so on

I would really appreciate if somene could help me figure out this


8/22/2006 3:27:42 PM
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Use one of these in the sheet module where cell a1 contains the number of 
the month.

Sub hidecols()
Columns.Hidden = False
mc = Range("a1") + 1
Range(Cells(1, mc), Cells(1, 12)).EntireColumn.Hidden = True
End Sub

'Automatic every time you change cell a1
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Address <> "$A$1" Then Exit Sub
Columns.Hidden = False
mc = Target + 1
Range(Cells(1, mc), Cells(1, 12)).EntireColumn.Hidden = True
End Sub

Don Guillett
SalesAid Software
<hamad.fatima@gmail.com> wrote in message 
>I have a serious problem with excel programming and i am not able to
> figureout how to  do the following funtions.
> I have 24 columns. names Jan -Dec ( Actual) then Jan- Dec (Forecast).
> There is one reference cell A1 ( for current month).
> - If  A1= Jan, I want macro to hide FEB-DEC 9 Actual , and leave
> FEB-DEC (forecast).
> -If A1= FEB , I want macro to unhide FEB Actual and hide MAR-Dec (
> actual) and at the same time clear contents in FEB (forecast) and hide
> feb (forecast ).
> ANd so on
> I would really appreciate if somene could help me figure out this
> problem.
> Thanks

dguillett1 (2487)
8/22/2006 4:26:15 PM

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