help with sum macro - different number of rows

I am trying to record a macro that would sum a column at the end of the
column.  However the number of rows will not always be the same.  How
do I get the sum to always show up at the end of the column.


malewine (1)
9/1/2006 2:53:20 PM
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dim NextRow as long
with activesheet
   Nextrow = .cells(.rows.count,"A").end(xlup).row + 1
   .cells(nextrow,"A").formulaR1C1 = "=sum(r1c:r[-1]c)"
end with

This will sum from:  R1C    (R1 of the same Column) 
                to:  R[-1]C (one row up of the same column) wrote:
> I am trying to record a macro that would sum a column at the end of the
> column.  However the number of rows will not always be the same.  How
> do I get the sum to always show up at the end of the column.
> Mark


Dave Peterson
petersod (12005)
9/1/2006 3:28:18 PM
This will select all the rows of a particular coulmn, in this case the
starting cell is "A3"

    Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select

Just do a sum on this selection and output it to a cell. Hope this

9/2/2006 5:52:11 AM

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