Help with Pivot Table subtotals?

My Pivot Table looks like
     COOLANT 50/50

     COOLANT 50/50 Total

     COOLANT 60/40

     COOLANT 60/40 Total

      COOLANT Total

I'd lke to get rid of the "Coolant 50/50" and "Coolant 60/40" subtotal
lines.  Double-clicking "Coolant 50/50" also makes "Gallons" go away.  Is
there a setting or property that will do this?


ed_millis (164)
2/27/2006 2:18:35 PM
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Apologies - I tried pasting in an actual table from Word and it didn't take
too well!

But - I did find the answer: Field Settings, select None under Subtotals.

"Ed" <> wrote in message
> My Pivot Table looks like
>       COOLANT
>      COOLANT 50/50
>      GALLONS
>      COOLANT 50/50 Total
>      COOLANT 60/40
>      GALLONS
>      COOLANT 60/40 Total
>       COOLANT Total
> I'd lke to get rid of the "Coolant 50/50" and "Coolant 60/40" subtotal
> lines.  Double-clicking "Coolant 50/50" also makes "Gallons" go away.  Is
> there a setting or property that will do this?
> Ed

ed_millis (164)
2/27/2006 2:27:46 PM

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