help with matching if

As you can see I am totally a noob to excel. And I have another noo
problem needed to be solve. can someone please help me once more. 
Quetion #2: per say, I have a table of data, and I would like to exce
to return the matching values from the table to a2.

for example:
[ ]|Y1 |Y2| Y3|

cell A1=Y1
cell A2=X1
A4 will return the matching values from y1,x1=.54

Thx for the help everyone. 
Highly Appreciated

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7/14/2006 9:06:40 AM
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It sounds like =index(match(),match()) would work for you.

Debra Dalgleish has some instructions:

Look at example 2.

augustus wrote:
> As you can see I am totally a noob to excel. And I have another noob
> problem needed to be solve. can someone please help me once more.
> Quetion #2: per say, I have a table of data, and I would like to excel
> to return the matching values from the table to a2.
> for example:
> [ ]|Y1 |Y2| Y3|
> X1|.54|.65|.67|
> X2|.56|.67|.89|
> cell A1=Y1
> cell A2=X1
> A4 will return the matching values from y1,x1=.54
> Thx for the help everyone.
> Highly Appreciated.
> --
> augustus
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Dave Peterson
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7/14/2006 2:07:24 PM

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