Help] How to merge two charts?

1. There are two charts M and N.
   Column A of chart M means part-number (numbers and letters), Column B of
chart M means part-name (in Japanese);
   Column A of chart N means part-number (numbers and letters), Column B of
chart N means part-name (in English);

2. Column M contains much more parts than Column N, which means N belongs to
   But M and N obey exactly the same part-number naming rule;

3. While most people can't Japanese but English, so it is planned to add the
English part-names from Column N into Column M,    just as remarks to
corresponding Japanese part-names, meaning add a Column P on the right of
Column M.

4. I'm very poor at VB, so can anybody kindly show me some tips about the VB
functions and some scripts?

Btw, I'm using MS Excel 2003.

Thanks very much!

4/19/2005 10:49:32 AM
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