get external data not working

office 2000
i installed all the options for excel query, at least thought i did
when accessing get external data, the 'new web', 'new database', and 'import
text file' options
have a starlike yellow icon splashed on/over the icons for those options on
the menu, and if i select
any of them excel just hangs up, i've given it about 5 minutes but have to
end up killing excel
went to reinstall query etc, but its not really clear how to select just
that from the change/add functions
when doing a change/reinstall, it seems i would have to completely reinstall
all of office, but even with
that it doesn't give a chance to pic and chose which options to install like
when first installing??
kind of confusing
but basically just want to be able to get external data into excel


bxtrap01 (34)
2/3/2004 8:07:35 PM
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