Formula bar disappeared--VIEW menu no help

OSX 10.3.5
Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac
PowerPC G4

Not sure what's happened, but my formula bar is no longer displayed.
Selecting FORMULA BAR from the VIEW menu has no effect. Help! I really need
to be able to see my formula bar.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Ann Norcross
NCSU Department of Chemistry

11/1/2004 5:29:41 PM
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Have you tried Tools-Options-View and make sure there's a check mark i
"Show: Formula Bar"

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11/1/2004 8:45:51 PM
In the following thread, a Macintosh MVP suggests deleting the toolbar file:

Ann Norcross wrote:
> OSX 10.3.5
> Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac
> PowerPC G4
> Not sure what's happened, but my formula bar is no longer displayed.
> Selecting FORMULA BAR from the VIEW menu has no effect. Help! I really need
> to be able to see my formula bar.
> Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
> Ann

Debra Dalgleish
Excel FAQ, Tips & Book List

dsd1 (5911)
11/1/2004 10:21:30 PM

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