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hi. how can i set by default the cell formatting to 'general' or
'number' or even 'text'?
i mean i dont want excel to correct let's say: 1.5 to 01.may or 9/12 to
09.dec. is this possible?
(i have some programs which export data to excel and instead of numbers
in excel appear dates and i can't set the cell format before the data is

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5/26/2006 7:02:36 AM
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Open a new workbook, select all the cells and format as Text (not General,
that is what you have now). Save that workbook as a template file (file type
xlt) in the XLStart directory.

Think hard before you do it though, all text means that every time you enter
a formula you will have to change the cell first to General, else it won't


Bob Phillips

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> hi. how can i set by default the cell formatting to 'general' or
> 'number' or even 'text'?
> i mean i dont want excel to correct let's say: 1.5 to 01.may or 9/12 to
> 09.dec. is this possible?
> thanks.
> (i have some programs which export data to excel and instead of numbers
> in excel appear dates and i can't set the cell format before the data is
> exported)
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> notrace2004
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bob.NGs1 (1661)
5/26/2006 8:43:26 AM
thanks... i did that and it works.. i modified the template and now the
default format of the cells is text. it works fine if i open excel and
i type lets say 4/4, but when i copy/paste from somewhere '4/4' i still
have the same problem.. excel corrects it to 04.apr despite the format
of the cell which is now text.. what can i do???

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5/29/2006 7:03:21 AM

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