Find team name with highest winning % over multiple years (worksheets)

I am sorting team win/loss data with each year having its own
worksheet.  On a separate worksheet I list the top 5 highest winning %
by using LARGE('2009:2004'!E2:E14).  I would like to put the team name
and worksheet name in the column adjacent to this.  The winning %
column is four columns to the right of the team name column.  I tried
using OFFSET(LARGE('2009:2004'!E2:E14),0,-4), but excel is complaining
that the formula I'm entering contains an error.  VLookup doesn't
appear to work because it will only search on the first column (which
is the team name column).  I also tried MATCH, but it doesn't look
like thats the right fit for multiple worksheets.  I'm aware I could
have winning percentage as the leftmost column but I'll run into the
same problem when I try to calculate the highest points scored in a

Here is an example of what two of the worksheets would look like:

Name   W   L   T   %   Pts
A          4    5   1   .45  10
B          6    4   0   .6    12
C          2    7   1   .25   8


Name   W   L   T   %   Pts
A          1    9   0   .1    5
B          7    3   0   .7    15
C          5    5   0   .5    10


In my case, what I'm trying to do is show that 70% was the highest
winning percentage ever and that Team B in 2008 achieved it.  As I
stated, I'm able to find the winning percentage but am at a loss as to
how to associate that with a Team and worksheet.

Thanks for any help.
7/30/2010 9:04:45 PM
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