Can not get Found to respond. Object: Get PersonName in Sheet2, Go to
Sheet1, Find PersonName. If Found put PersonName & address into Sheet2
Else put PersonName in Sheet3. Sheet2 has no address. Sheet1 has most,
but not all names that are in Sheet2

Set Found = Nothing
Set Found = Cells.Find(PersonName)
If Found Nothing Then ..

Thanks again for all your help,

gwelch1938 (25)
7/18/2007 12:25:02 PM
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Don Guillett
Microsoft MVP Excel
SalesAid Software
"Gordon" <> wrote in message
> Can not get Found to respond. Object: Get PersonName in Sheet2, Go to
> Sheet1, Find PersonName. If Found put PersonName & address into Sheet2
> Else put PersonName in Sheet3. Sheet2 has no address. Sheet1 has most,
> but not all names that are in Sheet2
> Tried:
> Set Found = Nothing
> Set Found = Cells.Find(PersonName)
> .
> Cells.Find(What:=PersonName.....
> If Found Nothing Then ..
> Thanks again for all your help,
> Gordon

dguillett1 (2487)
7/18/2007 2:10:08 PM

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