Financial Modeling (Excel) Question

I am taking an online finance class, and was wondering if someone can
help me out or point me to an appropriate financial modeling forum.

There's some company. Given Ending Cash Balance for May. Also given
Collections and Payments for June, July, August, Sept, Oct, Nov.

a) How do I calculate the Ending Cash Balance for each month? I
THOUGHT the formula is:

Ending Cash Balance for May
+ Collection for June
- Disbursement for June
+ Current Borrowing
= Ending Cash Balance for June

This is the formula given in the book. Please corrent me if i'm
My question is, I do not have Disbursement and also Current Borrowing,
so I do I calculate the Ending Cash Balance?

b) If the company must maintain a cash balance of at least X amount,
how much will they need to borrow each month? This one is simple and I
should know.

c) If the firm must pay 8% annual interest on its short-term
borrowing? How des this affect the Ending Cash Balance for each month?
I just don't know how to do this one.

d) How would the Ending Cash Balance change if company uses cash
excess of the minimum to pay off its short-term borrowing each month?


6/11/2007 1:34:35 PM
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